Wireless Surveillance Headphones





Surveil your surroundings in a brand new, creative way with the Wireless Surveillance Headphones. These headphones allow you to wirelessly surveil the area with a 1080P resolution camera that connects to a P2P WiFi network via FREE PV Cam Viewer App that gives full control for recording, live view & playback from close proximity. The camera on the headphones can either be set to record constantly or to turn on when they are activated by the motion sensor to allow you to begin to monitor with no action needed. The cups of the headphones rotate 90 degrees in order to provide you with the perfect view of whatever you need to record. 

Headphones Features:

  • Cordless

  • 90° Rotating Ear Buds

  • Folds

  • Adjustable Size

  • Headphone Stand

  • Built-In MP3 Storage (4GB Music Only)

Camera Features:

  • 1080P Resolution

  • WiFi based as a stand-alone DVR

  • Continuous or Motion Activated Recording

  • DVR

  • Record, Live View & Playback on FREE PV Cam Viewer App

  • Compatible up to 32GB

  • Overwrites oldest file

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