Padded Bluetooth Facial Massager





Enjoy a relaxing, spa-like face massage from the comfort of your own home when you wear the Padded Bluetooth Facial Massager. This comfortable and soft massager is designed to gently massage the tension out of all parts of your face and around your eyes, leaving you not only feeling more relaxed but your skin looking nicer. It stimulates the blood flow in the face to unwind muscles using three layers of little airbags inside the soft fabric. Its equally as gentle heating helps to soothe away tension, aches, and pains to leave you feeling calmer. 

  • Helps Relieve Headaches
  • 100% Breathable Fabric
  • Improves Blood Circulation,
  • Promotes Eye Metabolism,
  • Relieves Eye Fatigue,
  • Firms Skin Around the Eyes,
  • Reduces Bags and Sagging Skin

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