Auto Pairing Wireless Bluetooth Earphones



With the Auto Pairing Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, you can always keep headphones close at hand to listen in any situation without dealing with annoying cords. These truly wireless headphones connect to any Bluetooth 5.0 enabled device and stream audio from a distance, letting you work out or otherwise move away from the source without disconnecting the transmission of audio. They feature noise cancellation technology that will block out any outside noise so you can enjoy the sound of your music or podcasts and nothing else. The case doubles as a charging port for your convenience.

  • Extra-long Battery Life; More than 3 hours of playtime when using both earbuds. More than 4 hours when using a single earbud.Quick Charge

  • Time; Both earbuds fully charge in just 1 hour. The charging case fully charges in 2 hours.

  • Compatible with most Android smartphones, iPhones, Windows and IOS systems, Xiaomi, and Huawei devices. 





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