Apple AirPods Shimmering Leather Case

Shimmering Gold
Shimmering White
Shimmering Pink
Shimmering Purple




Like their innovative wireless headphones, Apple products are luxurious products that deserve to be taken care of with the same measure of attention you give to any other expensive belonging. With this Shimmering Apple AirPods glittering Leather Case, not only can you protect your AirPods from dirt, dust, and water, but you can do so in a beautiful, elegant way that reflects the luxury of the product inside. The case protects the AirPods from getting lost or scratched by encasing them in a durable yet luxurious shimmery leather case whose top-opening design makes them simple to access anytime, anywhere without effort. 

  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Shock absorption
  • Rain Resistant
  • Dust-Proof 


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