The UV-C Sanitizer Gun


Ensure the surfaces that your family touch are as clean as possible and minimize the spread of germs using the UV Sanitizer Gun. It's never been more important to protect yourself and your children from viruses and bacteria. Safer than bleach and other chemicals, the sanitizer gun uses UV-C light. A powerful and potent light used by hospitals that has been proven to cleanse away germs from nearly any surface. The portable sanitizer is two sterilizers in one, a box style for phones, keys, small toys, or even pacifiers. Plus a wand for larger items such as desks, doorknobs, countertops, headboards, cribs, and beyond, making it a must have for any family. Keep your loved ones healthy and have peace of mind in your home.


Efficiently Sterilize


  • Children's toys, clothes, and pacifers
  • Cellphones, earphones  
  • Silverware and dishes    
  • Medical masks          
  • Kitchen counters        
  • Keyboards and Laptop
  • Video game controllers
  • Doorknobs                  
  • Toilet seats                
  • Faucet handles                      
  • Restaurant table settings          
  • Public Toilet Seats    
  • Sports mouth-guards          
  • Kitty Litter boxes
  • The list goes on and on...



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The UV Sanitizer Gun is great for disinfecting items around the home and office, as well as for use while traveling and shopping. Feel safe and clean at a hotel, restaurant, and more.


Extended Battery

Fully charge the UV Sterilizer Gun for 3 hours. After it is fully charged use it an average of 100 times before charge is needed again.



Ideal for cleaning hard surfaces such as phones, keyboards, light switches and more. The UV Sanitizer Gun also disinfects soft surfaces such as pillows, stuffed animals and upholstered chairs.


The UV Sanitizer Gun
Has 4 Cleaning Modes


  • Shot mode: Sterilizes only when triggered              
  • 2 min mode: Sterilization for smaller less used items      
  • 5 min mode: Moderate sized and general use items            
  • 10 min mode: For larger frequently used items



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Utilizing short ultra-violet light wavelengths, proven in hospitals to cleanse and disinfect all surfaces of harmful germs. The UV Gun is the ultimate tool to keep your family safe from the flu and infections. Sanitizing with UV-C light has been a routine practice since the mid-20th century. In fact, the 1903 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Niels Finsen for using UV light to fight tuberculosis.



Ultraviolet light in the C spectrum (UV-C) is energy-rich light with a wavelength of 200 – 400 nanometers (nm). It is very versatile and can be used for disinfecting water, destroying harmful microorganisms in other liquids, on surfaces, on food products, and in ‘air.’ Ultraviolet C is germicidal.



It is a non-chemical approach to disinfection. It deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens and destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease. Specifically, UV-C light causes damage to microorganisms nucleic acid by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. The formations of such bonds prevent the DNA from being unzipped for replication, and the organism is unable to reproduce. In fact, when the organism tries to replicate, it dies. It has a lethal effect on all microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts, and viruses.


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Disclaimer: This is not designed or intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any illness, condition, or disease, even when used as directed. This product is not a medical device. This product is not intended for use in diagnosing a disease or other conditions, or the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of a disease. Keep out of reach of children. Remove the batteries from the box when it is not in use for long periods of time. This product is for nonmedical purposes. Always consult your doctor or physician immediately for any medical questions you may have. This apparatus is NOT guaranteed as a prevention or treatment for any disease or medical condition. Operate only as directed. Misuse may result in sickness or death. Always carefully review instructions for use in the operating instructions manual before use. Keep out of reach of children and supervise children under the age of eighteen (18) at all times if the minor is using the disinfecting box. Do not allow the user to place this item in his/her mouth at any time. No child or minor should ever be left unattended with any of these items, as small parts may become loose & pose a choking hazard.